GamerHours frequently asked questions

How can I use the website as a gamer?

If you want to use the website to gain knowledge from professional gamers, all you have to do is to sign up and find a coach based on your preferred games and time slots.

How can I use the website as a Coach?

If you want to use the website to share your knowledge with fellow gamers you have to apply as a coach here, setup your profile and set your available appointments for coaching.

Do I need to sign up to book appointments with a Coach?

Yes, you do, but don’t worry, it takes 10 seconds, why not signing up today?

Are my personal details safe?

All of your personal details are safe with us. Your privacy is important to us, we protect your personal information by using reasonable security safeguards, for more details please see our privacy policy.

How can I book a lesson?

Go to “Find your coach” menu item, select your game and availability and choose among the most professional gamers listed. Simply book your appointment by paying the coach’s predefined hourly rate. Then you will get the private information of the coach and details about the training.

Do I get refund if the coach does not show up for the booked appointment?

If it is the coach’s mistake and you were informed in advance then the coach has to offer an other appointment for you. If you were not informed and you cannot accept his/her recommendation for an alternative appointment then you will be refunded.

How many lessons can I book in advance?

As many as you think is necessary for your improvement. There is no limitation.

Will I win more games after the training with a coach?

You will definitely gain more knowledge which you can utilize and improve your gaming skills. Your successes also depend on you and if you make the most out of your personalized trainings successes will come along with it.

Can I cancel the training after it is booked?

It depends on the coach’s cancellation policy, which you can check in the profile of the coach. If it is flexible you can cancel your booking 24 hours prior to the appointment without being charged anything. If it is moderate you can cancel it 72 hours prior to the appointment without being charged. If it is strict you cannot cancel your appointment without being charged with the whole amount of the coach’s defined rate.

Can the coach cancel the training?

It is not the coach’s interest to cancel the training, though it may happen sometimes. In this case the coach has to offer an alternative appointment to you. If you can’t find an alternative time slot you get fully refunded.

Is the payment system secure?

Our payment system is absolutely secure, we do not store any of your data in our servers, we are partnered with PayPal and manage all the transactions via them.

What is a typical lesson like?

It depends on your special needs, but in general you have a screen sharing video call with your coach within our platform where you play and the coach gives you guidance on how to improve your skills. You can also discuss in advance what you would like to concentrate on.

Can I contact GamerHours?

We are glad to hear about you, just drop us a line at